Harry Ferguson

Some memorabilia of the late Harry Ferguson born in County Down and famous worldwide for the invention of the Ferguson Tractor. The History of Harry Ferguson : 4th Nov 1884 Harry Ferguson born, 1909 Successful first flight, 1911 May Street Motors established, 1913 Marries Maureen Watson, 1917 Creation of Ferguson Plough, 11th Apr 1920 Elizabeth Mary Ferguson born, 1925 Draft control patent, 1928 3 point linkage patent, 1933 Black tractor completed, 1936 Tractors produced by David Brown in Huddersfield, 1939 Handshake agreement with Henry Ford, 1944 Law suit with Ford Motor Company starts, 1946 First TE 20s roll off Standard Motor Company's production line at Banner Lane, Coventry, 1949 Ferguson Tractors hold 78.4% of the whole wheeled Tractor market of Great Britain., Apr 1952 Ford law suit settled, Aug 1953 Merger between Massey Harris and Ferguson, 1954 Ferguson sells out of Massey Harris, 25 Oct 1960 Ferguson died.


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